NC Budo, LLC hosts a variety of in house seminars on a rotating basis to target specific training needs and special populations. Please see below and our Facebook Page for this month’s in house seminar offerings.

Instructors at NC Budo, LLC are also available to bring seminars to community groups. School, church, civic organizations, and neighborhood groups can contact our school for partnership opportunities on bringing these seminars to you! Feel free to contact us with specific seminar topic requests.  Our current seminars available to groups are:


Senior Self Defense (Part 1) - Open hand techniques that allow aging adults to have a mental and physical plan to defend themselves. Seminar focuses on techniques that overwhelm the senses and can be maintained as aging impacts strength and mobility.

* Senior Self Defense (Part 2) -Self-defense techniques that involve use of a cane and other multi purposed objects.

* Back to School - Seminar for school aged children to address the real motivation behind bullying, and provide them with tips for developing healthy school year habits. This seminar addresses multiple challenges experienced by kids in today’s school environment and arms them with a toolbox of appropriate responses.

* Women’s Self Defense - Ongoing weekly seminar with developmental skills to empower and train for common attacks. Come as you are from work as this class encourages a practical training approach with skills that are transferable regardless of your environment, attire, or skill set. Taught by women, for women and female teens 13 and up. Bring your heels!

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