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We're excited to introduce our new Wee Ninjas program for infants to 5-year-olds and their parents. These fun, interactive classes introduce little ones to NC Budo's mind-body-spirit philosophy using playful games, engaging obstacle courses and calming mindfulness exercises. Check out the Active Family, Mindful Family and Limber Family classes in green on the schedule below and then sign up for a free class!   


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NC Budo families enjoy access to an extensive schedule of classes on everything from mindfulness to competitive and classical karate training. Access over 20 engaging classes each week at our Belmont and Gastonia locations. 

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Effective April 12, 2021

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*Belmont Schedule Key: Green=Wee Ninjas; F=Family; P=Preschool (3-5 yo); J=Juniors (6-12 yo); A=Adults



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Family Mixed Age

A 45 minute class where family members of a variety of ages can work together with the convenience of a shared class time; building shared values through working out together, with the extra benefit of cementing family bonds.  


Competition Team Kata

A competitive team class that focuses on the performance, nuances, and stylization of kata forms.  This 45 minute class is for all level athletes planning to compete with our competition team.


Competition Team Sparring

A competitive team class that focuses on conditioning, drills, and sport kumite utilizing NKF and AAU rules.  This 45 minute class is for all level athletes planning to compete with our competition team. 


Competition Team Kobudo

A 30 minute competitive team class for non first year athletes.  This class stylizes the performance of kobudo/ weapon forms for competition.


3-5 Year Old Class

The 3-5 year old Program builds essential life skills such as self-control, discipline, cooperation and confidence.  This 30 minute class also develops coordination, and gives a positive outlet for excessive energy while teaching fundamental martial art skills. 


School Days

Our School Day classes are for our full day and after school students.  These classes touch on our full Okinawan Kempo Karate curriculum and allow children to develop valuable leadership skills and discipline while learning a life protection art.  


Kata Forms General

This 30 minute class focuses on developing  a mind-body connection through performing kata forms that program the body to have muscle memory for self defense applications.


Kata Forms Int/Adv

A 45 minute intermediate/advanced class that builds upon the Kata Form. General class for green belt black stripes and up.


Kata Applications General

In this 30 minute class kata is broken down and studied for its offensive and defensive elements.


Kata Applications Int/Adv

In this 30 minute class intermediate and advanced katas are broken down and studied for their offensive and defensive elements.



In our technique class we help develop and clean up karate technique.  This class works on correct frame, stance, positioning, and intensity.  


Long Weapons

Do you enjoy the jo, bo, or eku?  This 30 minute class teaches you to manipulate the weapon and perform traditional Okinawan Kempo weapon forms.


Short Weapons

Do you enjoy the nunchucku, tonfa, sai, or Kama?  This 30 minute class teaches you to manipulate these short weapons and perform traditional short weapon forms.


Weapons Application

How do our weapons work in a combative environment?  This 30 minute class teaches the application of commonly trained traditional weapons against weapons.


Hojo Undo Training

A 30 minute class focusing on strength training and conditioning using traditional Japanese and Okinawan tools like stone hand weights and gripping jars.  These conditioning tools are designed to enhance the natural body movements used in martial arts training.


Martial Fitness

This functional fitness and heavy bag training class uses burst cardio and impact training to get you in shape while developing some martial skill!


Practical Self Defense

Have you ever desired to feel empowered and capable of defending yourself again common attacks?  This class is ideal for young adults through adults of all skill levels and develops muscle memory that translates into practical self defense strategies. 


Sparring Combination and Application

Do you want to put all that you are learning into action?  This class focuses on the combative side of martial arts, where we safely practice our techniques against each people of a variety of body sizes, training styles, and abilities. 


Deep Stretch / Rolling / Breathing

Unwind from your week and learn to take your body through a self care routine that will reset you for the weekend.  We often put our bodies through it and don't give them the balance necessary to keep them performing in tip top shape.  


Yoga for Athletes

Martial artists and athletes in general put our bodies through a lot.  Without proper flexibility training and stretching we become brittle and prone to injury.  This class is for athletes needing to develop a self care routine.


Mindful Child

Our mindful child program helps children develop a mental toolkit through a combination of yoga, meditation, and imagery.  This 30 minute class is filling a gap in skills that enhance emotional intelligence.


Breath, Energy, Movement for Older Adults

Martial arts isn't just for young adults.  Older adults interested in maximizing mobility, and maintaining flexibility and strength will enjoy this flow class that is customizable to your current fitness level.


Mindful Family

Our mindful family program is a parent and child program that supports families in their desire to bond while enhancing their child's emotional intelligence through yoga, meditation, and imagery.  This class can be a powerful tool in starting life lesson conversations that carry into the home.

[Wee Ninjas] Mindful Family 
Our mindful family program supports families in their desire to bond while enhancing their child's emotional intelligence through yoga, meditation, and imagery. This class can be a powerful tool in starting life lesson conversations that carry into the home. Ages 2.5 - 5 years old. Thur 9am/Sat 9am

[Wee Ninjas] Active Family

Our active family classes take our little ones through a series of agility courses to grow hand/eye coordination and mind/body connections.  These classes accelerate coordination, giving our tots a jump start for future athletic endeavors and burn lots of energy! Ages18 mo - 5 years old. Mon 9am/Thur 9:45am/Sat 10:30am

[Wee Ninjas] Limber Family
This slow paced class focuses on redeveloping flexibility and mobility for moms postpartum  and introduces stretching and mobility to our little guy's bodies.  This class is also perfect for dads who are not quite ready for fast paced yoga classes.   
Ages Newborn - 2.5 years old. Mon 9:45am/Sat 9:45am 

[Wee Ninjas] Connected Family
This class isn't a class at all.  It is a time for parents and their little ones to connect with other local families over coffee or tea while having access to a matted
play area indoors for their tots. Ages Newborn - 5 years old. Times to be announced.


​No enrollment fee! No contract!