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Our popular School Days programs include afterschool and day camps, and are a convenient, affordable option for busy families seeking high-quality childcare they can trust.


Students enjoy a structured curriculum that includes schoolwork support, plus supervised play, engaging martial arts training and mindful child classes. Parents trust NC Budo to provide a fun learning environment that’s infused with the character-building values of traditional martial arts.


Our curriculum is based on our guiding principles: independence, mental discipline, emotional stability and physical conditioning. Our goal is to prepare students to be successful young adults through a healthy balance of academic support, mental and emotional skills training and martial arts discipline. 


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Curriculum includes schoolwork support, karate, field trips and mindful child classes. 

Schoolwork Support

Our School Days program offers students a safe place to study, complete school assignments and engage in virtual learning. Students work independently in a supervised environment with an instructor who’s available for support if needed.


Activities & Field Trips

Our aim is to develop well-rounded young people, so we balance studying with extracurricular activities that get the body moving, stimulate the imagination and build social skills. Our afterschool and camp curriculum includes a variety of fun activities, outdoor playtime, field trips and local outings that our students love.



Martial arts are NC Budo’s foundation and our afterschool and camp students receive daily karate instruction as part of their program enrollment. Our teachers are expert martial artists who understand how to develop children’s minds, bodies and spirits through this wonderful discipline.


Mindful Child Classes

Our mindful child program helps children develop a mental toolkit through a combination of yoga, meditation and guided imagery. Students participate in this 30-minute class to build important life skills and enhance emotional intelligence.

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Afterschool Fee: $90/week* 

$50 deposit reserves your child’s place for the school year.

Holiday & Teacher Workday Camp Fee: $50/day

A tuition credit will be applied towards camp for students enrolled in our afterschool program.

*Afterschool fee includes homework support, martial arts instruction, mindful child classes, activities, field trips and a snack. Karate uniform and belt rank promotions are not included with registration.

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