Our competitive program is tailored toward athletes who enjoy the world of Sports Karate and wish to find a year round training curriculum to set them up for success.

Whether a first time competitor or a seasoned advanced/elite level athlete, our training program supports your desire to grow in competitive spirit, confidence, kumite (sparring), kata, and kobudo (weapons).

We focus on the NKF and AAU competitive arenas and build a competition schedule each year to offer high quality experiences to our athletes and their families. In addition to our sports training program, our competition family works together on team fundraisers, and family clinics to understand the rules and scoring.

With elite level athletes and national champions as training peers, you are sure to have an experience you won’t forget as a member of our NC Budo Competition team!

101 S. Main St., Belmont, NC 28012

Tel: 980-288-8750 | Email: ncbudo@gmail.com